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Hikvision – DS-PS1-I-WB – AX Pro Wireless Indoor Siren
Hikvision – DS-PK1-E-WB – AX Pro Wireless Keypad
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Hikvision – DS-PKF1-WB – AX Pro Wireless Keyfob

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DSPKF1WB series keyfob supports instant operation of stay/away arming and disarming. It is a part of security control system.




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DSPKF1WB series keyfob supports instant operation of stay/away arming and disarming. It is a part of security control system.


Operation: stay/away arming and disarming

Keyfob lock and unlock function

Fully remote configurable through App

Multiple enrollment method and easy installation design

Easy replaceable battery with PCB protected

Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission

Available Models



Hikvision Keyfob

Hikvision wireless remote control to operate the AX Pro alarm system remotely.
The Keyfob has the model number DS-PKF1-WB and is often attached to a bunch of keys in order to be able to switch the system on or off easily and quickly without a mobile phone.

Range from the Hikvision Hub

The range from the Keyfob to the Hikvision Hub is 900 metres in open field. If the wireless signal is intentionally disturbed this will be immediately reported via the Hik-Connect app on your smartphone. The wireless Hikvision signal is called Tri-X, and works on 2 different frequencies in the 868mhz band and has AES-128 encryption.

Registering at the Hub

All Hikvision products are easy to connect. Registration is done with a QR code on each device. Put the Hik-Connect app in the “Enroll” position and you can start adding products by scanning the QR code in the app.

Advantage of a Keyfob

The advantage of a remote control compared to the LED Keyboard is that when using a remote control you do not unnecessarily waste time detecting burglars. A keyboard is always mounted inside the house, and the room where this keyboard is mounted, in combination with a motion detector, cannot immediately sound the alarm, otherwise you would not have the time to use the code to deactivate the alarm when entering the house. Often a switch-off delay of 30 or sometimes as much as 60 seconds is chosen. All this time, a burglar can also stand in that room without the alarm sounding.
With a remote control you can already switch off the alarm before you approach or enter the house. This means that the rooms in the house do not need a delay time to go into the alarm. As soon as someone puts one foot in the room, the alarm will sound, which is of course best. This is only possible when using a remote control and not a keyboard.
A keyboard is recommended for companies or very large families, for example. With a keyboard, not every family member or employee has to carry a remote control, but simply enter the correct code. This prevents employees for whatever reason from forgetting their remote control and not being able to work. With the code in his memory, everyone can always switch the system on and off.
What is the most suitable way for you to operate the system is up to you. Of course, in addition to the remote control and keyboard, you can always use the Hik-Connect mobile application for full operation of the AX Pro alarm system.



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