Free Standing Racks

Free Standing Racks

View our range of data racks to find the right 19″ Free Standing racks to house your network equipment. We have a variety of different sizes and specifications available so you can select the most suitable option for your requirements.

What are the advantages of free standing cabinets?

There are several advantages to using free standing data cabinets:

  1. They provide ample space: Free standing cabinets have more internal space compared to wall mount cabinets, making them suitable for storing a large amount of equipment and cables.
  2. They are sturdy: Free standing cabinets are designed to be sturdy and can withstand a greater load compared to wall mount cabinets.
  3. They offer better ventilation: Free standing cabinets usually have better ventilation compared to wall mount cabinets, which can help to prevent overheating of valuable equipment.
  4. They can be relocated: Free standing cabinets can be easily relocated if necessary, unlike wall mount cabinets which are fixed in place.
  5. They provide better cable management: Free standing cabinets usually have better cable management features, such as cable trays and routing channels, which can help to organize and protect cables.
  6. They offer more customization options: Free standing cabinets often have more customization options, such as the ability to add shelves, doors, and other accessories to suit specific needs.
Our range of 19″ Free Standing Cabinets are ideal for data solutions, with a rugged structure and and various door options they are both practical and presentable to suit any networking environment.  Whether for network infrastructure, servers, security, comms, or other important applications, our range of Free Standing Racks offers a wide array of features, and represent outstanding value for the serious data professional.   These data cabinets are available to a depth of up to 900mm deep and utilising our range of cabinet accessories you can fully customise your purchase.  With efficient twice daily dispatch, SKS Distribution Australia delivers these quality server racks Australia wide.

At SKS Distribution Australia, you can buy quality server racks Australia wide at a price that won’t break the bank.   Our Data Cabinets represent excellent value from leading brands such as APC, StarTech, Wideband and others.  Our extensive range of affordable data racks online is available so that you can get the best price.

Purchase server rack Australia wide from SKS Distribution Australia.  Quality products to maximise your margin and meet your needs.