Power Distribution Modules for use with Data Cabinets

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a power rail with multiple outlets designed to distribute electrical power to a range of IT, network, security and communication devices within a server rack.

Rising demand for computing power and limitations on physical space have led to even more densely packed data racks. As the number of rack-mounted servers, blade servers, network switches, phone systems, security systems and routers has grown, so has the need for power distribution within the rack.

SKS Distribution Australia provides a range of quality PDU power rail models in 1RU and 2RU configurations. Key features include durable metal housing, horizontal/vertical mounting, switch-free design, network-grade plugs and outlets, overload (not surge) protection and a durable power cord.

These quality PDU products will give you the flexibility to expand your infrastructure to meet ever growing demand for IT and network services.    Whether it’s data, security, comms, IT or something else, we’ve got a PDU to meet your needs.