HiLook CCTV Solutions

Discover the comprehensive range of HiLook CCTV solutions, expertly designed to meet the needs of diverse environments from domestic settings to small commercial areas, retail spaces, and public regions. Whether your focus is on crime prevention, evidence collection, or enhancing home security, HiLook offers advanced surveillance technology tailored to ensure peace of mind.


Applications: HiLook CCTV systems are versatile and effective for:

  • Domestic Use: Enhance your home security with systems that offer both indoor and outdoor surveillance.
  • Small Commercial: Protect your business with scalable solutions that grow with your needs.
  • Retail: Monitor your retail space to prevent theft and ensure the safety of both customers and staff.
  • Public Areas: Provide safety and security in public spaces with robust and reliable surveillance technology.
  • Crime Prevention: Deter potential threats with active color deterrence and superior night vision.
  • Evidence Collection: Capture high-quality video footage essential for law enforcement and legal proceedings.


Key Features:

  • AI Turret Technology: Advanced algorithms for smarter detection and surveillance.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): Simplifies installation by using a single cable for both power and data.
  • Superior Night Vision: Ensure clear video quality in low-light conditions.
  • Active Color Deterrence: Utilize color lighting effects as a proactive safety measure.


Popular HiLook CCTV Models Include:

  • HL-IPC-T240H-MU-0280: A versatile and cost-effective IP turret camera, ideal for varied lighting conditions.
  • HL-IPC-T269-MU/SL-0280: An all-in-one fixed IP turret camera with blue and red strobe lights, two-way audio for enhanced deterrence and communication, and advanced AI.
  • HL-IPC-T262H-MU-0280: A new 6MP white turret IP camera with AI capabilities, dual IR, and a built-in microphone, perfect for intelligent surveillance.
  • HL-IPC-T261H-MU-0280-Blk: A 6MP black turret IP camera with AI technology and built-in microphone, designed for high-precision detection.

Choose Your Hard Drive Capacity:

  • Storage options ranging from 2TB to 8TB HDD to meet any data storage requirements, ensuring you never miss a moment of surveillance.


Whether securing a small shop or setting up a comprehensive system for your home, HiLook CCTV solutions offer the technology and customization to address your specific security needs efficiently. Explore our products and find the perfect fit for your surveillance requirements today.