How do I return goods for warranty claims?

If you believe a product is faulty, call us on 1300 089 888 to discuss and troubleshoot the issue. Often the source of the problem is to do with configuration and network conflict issues, rather than with a product fault, so let us try and work through the issue with you over the phone, or via our online chat.

If this is not successful and we need to investigate further, AND we have determined that the issue is one that may be covered by warranty when inspected, we may instruct you to complete the returns form below. To avoid delays, please ensure that you complete the form in its entirety, providing all. the information requested. Incomplete forms cannot be processed, so avoid delays by completed every requested field.

One we have evaluated the request, we will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed from that point. Do NOT return goods to us without first receiving an RA# (Return Authority) from us via email.

Please reach out to us here.
When instructed, complete this form



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