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DAHUA DH-IPC-PDW3849-A180-AS-PV-ANZ wizsense
Dahua DH-IPC-PDW3849-A180-AS-PV WizSense 3 Series 2x4MP TiOC Duo Splicing Fixed-Focal Eyeball Network Camera with AI Coding, Starlight Technology, and Active Deterrence, IP67
DaHua 6 MP TIOC WizSense Network Camera with AI, – DH-IPC-HDW3649H-AS-PV-ANZ-0280 – Smart Dual Illumination, Active Deterrence, 2-Way Talk, Fixed-Focal Eyeball, 2.8mm Lens
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Dahua DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1 4MP 5x Optical Zoom WizSense Network PTZ Camera – TiOC, AI-Powered, Active Deterrence, IR 50m, IP66, PoE

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Introducing the Dahua DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1, a cutting-edge 4MP WizSense TiOC PTZ Network Camera equipped with 5x optical zoom, delivering top-tier surveillance and security. This camera features Dahua’s advanced WizSense technology, which incorporates an independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm to focus on human and vehicle targets with exceptional accuracy, allowing for rapid response to critical events.

Key Features:

  • TiOC Technology: Combines 24/7 monitoring, active deterrence, and real-time alarms with AI, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of your security.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Ensures clear images in diverse lighting conditions, capturing both brightly lit and darker areas with precision.
  • Active Deterrence: Equipped with siren and light for proactive security measures, triggering white light and voice alarms upon perimeter breaches.
  • Smart Dual Light System: Intelligent illumination adjusts between IR and white light, capturing full-color video during events and reducing light pollution when no target is present.
  • Two-Way Talk: Features a built-in microphone and speaker for effective communication through the mobile app.
  • Advanced Perimeter Protection: Minimizes false alarms with smart detection and enhances alarm accuracy with secondary recognition for human and vehicle detection.
  • Robust Build: Weatherproof IP66 rating and TVS 6000 V protection ensure durability against elements and electrical surges.

Ideal for securing high-risk areas, the Dahua DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1 is a versatile solution that offers both advanced protection and ease of installation, making it a top choice for those looking to enhance their security infrastructure.



Data Sheet:   SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1_S0_datasheet_20230922

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Introducing the Dahua DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1 WizSense Network PTZ Camera – Revolutionizing Security with AI and Active Deterrence

Launched by the renowned Dahua Technology, the WizSense series represents the forefront of AI security solutions. The DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1 PTZ camera is a powerful embodiment of this series, featuring advanced AI capabilities and deep learning algorithms focused on high accuracy recognition of humans and vehicles, allowing for swift and decisive action on detected threats.


System Overview: This Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) integrates 24/7 monitoring, active deterrence, and real-time alarms, all powered by artificial intelligence into a single, efficient package. With the ability to rotate horizontally and vertically, the TiOC PTZ camera significantly expands the monitoring scope, providing comprehensive coverage that’s both cost-effective and time-saving for installers and distributors.


Outstanding Features:

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Enjoy impeccable image quality in environments with stark lighting contrasts. The camera’s WDR technology adjusts exposures in real-time to capture detailed images in both brightly lit and darker areas.
  • Siren and Light Active Deterrence: Equipped with a siren and white light alarms, this camera acts immediately upon perimeter breaches with audible and visual warnings to deter potential intruders.
  • Smart Dual Light Technology: Featuring intelligent lighting, the camera switches between IR illumination and white light based on the presence of a target, ensuring optimal lighting for capturing detailed, full-color video recordings of critical events.
  • Two-way Talk: Communicate directly through the camera using its built-in microphone and high-power speaker, facilitated by a user-friendly mobile app for remote interaction.
  • Enhanced Perimeter Protection: Reduce false alarms with advanced algorithms that distinguish between genuine threats and non-threatening movements such as animals or rustling leaves, improving overall alarm accuracy.
  • Smart Motion Detection (SMD): Powered by deep learning algorithms, this feature specifically recognizes humans and vehicles, swiftly triggering alarms upon detection to enhance security response.
  • Robust Build Quality: The camera is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, boasting an IP66 rating for dust and water resistance, along with TVS 6000V lightning, surge, and voltage transient protection.


Technical Specifications:

  • 1/2.8″ 4 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom for detailed views
  • Maximum resolution of 25/30 fps at 4M
  • IR night vision up to 50 meters and warm light illumination up to 30 meters
  • SMD 3.0, perimeter protection, and face detection features
  • Alarm and audio interfaces for comprehensive security setups
  • Supports 12 VDC and PoE power supply


The Dahua DH-SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1 is not just a camera; it is a comprehensive security solution that offers peace of mind with its cutting-edge technology and reliability. Secure your property with this advanced, AI-powered network PTZ camera and stay one step ahead of potential security threats.

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