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HiLook 4 Channel CCTV Security Kit: HiLook 4 Channel 4K NVR (1TB), 4 x 4MP Fixed HiLook Turret IP CCTV Cameras 2.8mm
Hikvision – DS-7604NI-I1-4P-3tb – 4 Channel 4k 4PoE 1 x HDD Bay CCTV NVR (3TB HDD Included)
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Dahua 8 Channel WizSense AI CCTV Security Kit: 8 Channel WizSense AI NVR (4TB), 6 x DaHua 6MP WizSense Fixed Starlight PoE IP CCTV Cameras

AUD $1,189.00

Kit Number:   DH-8ch66MPEBIR6TBAI

Applications:   Larger Domestic, Small Commercial, Retail, Schools, Crime Prevention, Evidence Collection.


DaHua CCTV Security System Kit Contains:

1 x Dahua 8 Channel 8PoE to 16MP Wizsense AI Network Video Recorder NVR – DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-AI/ANZ

1 x Surveillance Hard Drive (HDD) 4TB (Pre-Installed) => 04TBsurveillanceHDD

6 x DaHua 6MP PoE CCTV Cameras. – DH-IPC-HDW3666-EMP-S-AUS-0280 – DH-IPC-HDW3666-EMP-S-AUS-0280



1 x Dahua Monitor (Optional).   DaHua Accessories

1 x DaHua UPS (Optional).   DaHua Accessories


See Data Sheets available below for detailed specifications:


This NVR Supports 1 x HD Only which will be pre-installed.  


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Dahua DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-AI/ANZ 8 Channel 8PoE to 16MP Wizsense Network Video Recorder NVR - DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-AI/ANZ

AUD $279.00
Part Number:  DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-AI/ANZ Dahua DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-AI/ANZ 8 Channel 8PoE to 16MP Wizsense Network Video Recorder NVR
  •  Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG decoding format.
  • Access, storage or forwarding at 256 Mbps (180 Mbps when AI function enabled).
  • Max. decoding capability: 16 × 1080p@30 fps. Supports adaptive decoding.
  • AI by NVR: 1-channel face detection and recognition; 2-channel perimeter protection; up to 10 face databases and 20,000 face images; 4-channel SMD Plus.
  • AI by Camera: Face detection and recognition, perimeter protection; SMD Plus; ANPR; people counting; stereo analysis; heat map.
  • Connect to many third-party network cameras. *
  • Security baseline 2.3.
  • Unit can accomodate 1 x HDD
  • Supersedes earlier model: DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2

04TB Surveillance HDD pre-installed in CCTV Kits

AUD $136.00
Part Number: 04TBsurveillanceHDD Where a Hard Disk is indicated, we only use world class, market leading Seagate SkyHawk or Western Digital Purple Surveillance Drives. These drives are designed and built to maximise your kit's performance. SkyHawk Datasheetskyhawk-3-5-hdd-DS1902-8-1803US-en_USWestern Digital Datasheetdata-sheet-wd-purple-hdd

6 x DaHua - 6MP WizSense Fixed-focal Eyeball White CCTV Network IP Camera - SMD IR Built-in Mic POE White (2.8mm) - DH-IPC-HDW3666-EMP-S-AUS-0280

AUD $129.00
SKU:    DH-IPC-HDW3666-EMP-S-AUS-0280 Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS 6MP WizSense Turret Network Camera - Your Ultimate Security SolutionDiscover the pinnacle of security camera technology with the Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS 6MP WizSense Turret Network Camera. Elevate your surveillance experience with crystal-clear 6MP resolution, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision. Key Features:
  1. 6MP High-Resolution Imaging: The Dahua Turret Network Camera promises sharp, high-definition images, capturing every intricate detail for optimal security.
  2. WizSense Technology: Boasting intelligent features, WizSense technology helps in accurate human and vehicle detection, reducing false alarms and ensuring that you're notified only when it truly matters.
  3. Sleek Design: The turret form factor provides both aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly blending into any environment while providing a 360° view.
  4. Advanced Night Vision: With cutting-edge infrared technology, this camera ensures that your premises are well-protected, day or night.
  5. IP 67 Weatherproof Build: Made to withstand the harshest of conditions, the camera is designed with durability in mind, ensuring continuous operation in both rain or shine.
  6. Australian Version: This product is tailored specifically for the Australian market, ensuring compatibility, standards compliance, and support locally.
 Enhanced Security for Peace of MindWhether you're safeguarding your home or your business, the Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS is your trusted partner. Its cutting-edge features, combined with the reliability Dahua is renowned for, make it an indispensable addition to any security system.Upgrade your surveillance with the Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS 6MP WizSense Turret Network Camera. Offering 6MP high-res imaging, WizSense tech for precise detection, and a weatherproof design, it's the ultimate security choice for Australians. DatasheetDataSheet - DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS
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DaHua CCTV Security System Kit: Ultimate Protection for Your Premises

Product Description:

This DaHua CCTV Security System Kit is engineered to provide you with a top-tier surveillance experience. This comprehensive bundle is designed to secure your premises, ensuring peace of mind and utmost safety.

Key Features:

  1. DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-AI/ANZ Video Recorder: At the heart of this kit is the Dahua 8 Channel Wizsense AI Network Video Recorder. With 8PoE capabilities up to 16MP, this device ensures high-definition recording, playing back crisp and clear visuals every time. Its integrated Wizsense AI technology offers advanced motion detection, distinguishing between people and vehicles, reducing false alarms, and enhancing security efficiency.
  2. 04TBsurveillanceHDD: No need to worry about storage! The kit comes pre-installed with a robust 4TB Surveillance Hard Drive, optimized for round-the-clock recording. It ensures you have ample space to store all essential footage without the need for frequent data transfers.
  3. 6MP PoE CCTV Cameras (DH-IPC-HDW3666-EMP-S-AUS-0280): The package contains six of DaHua’s state-of-the-art 6MP PoE CCTV Cameras. These cameras deliver sharp and vivid visuals, capturing every detail with precision. Designed for durability, they promise consistent performance in varying conditions, ensuring your premises are watched over day and night.


  • Ease of Installation: With PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras, enjoy a hassle-free setup, eliminating the need for separate power cables.
  • Advanced AI Technology: Benefit from smarter surveillance with Wizsense AI-driven insights, differentiating between human and vehicular movements.
  • Ample Storage: With a 4TB surveillance HDD pre-installed, record and save more footage without the constant need to clear up space.
  • Reliability: The DaHua brand stands synonymous with quality and reliability. Each component of this kit is meticulously crafted to offer seamless operation.


For those seeking a trustworthy and efficient surveillance solution, the DaHua CCTV Security System Kit is the top choice. Packed with innovative features and crafted with precision, this kit is a must-have for every security-conscious individual. Secure your world with DaHua’s unparalleled surveillance technology.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 30 cm

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