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class=id=action=method=enctype=>--> World Brake - Front Brake Lining Set - Suits Hino FG17 FG19 FG1J FG8J FM3M FS270 FT175 GH1H GH1J GH3H GH8J GS22 RC320 RG197 RG230 - WB-249 - Comms Direct


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World Brake – Rear Brake Lining Set – Suits Mitsubishi Fuso FK102 FK415 FK417 FK617 FK618 FK61F – WB-327
World Brake – Rear Brake Lining Set – Suits Hino FG17 FG19 FG1J FG8J FM3M FS270 FT175 GH1H GH1J GH3H GH8J GS22 RC320 RG197 RG230 – WB-291
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World Brake – Front Brake Lining Set – Suits Hino FG17 FG19 FG1J FG8J FM3M FS270 FT175 GH1H GH1J GH3H GH8J GS22 RC320 RG197 RG230 – WB-249

AUD $97.00 inc GST

Part Number:      WB 249

Suitable for:    Hino Front Brake Lining set for FG17, FG19 FG1J, FG8J, FM3M, FS270, FT175, GH1H, GH1J, GH3H, GH8J, GS22, RC320, RG197, RG230

Hino Commercial Truck Parts: 1 Set includes 8 segment

World Brake’s linings are designated as genuine replacement parts and incorporated in various OEM assembly lines. All brake lining are asbestos free.


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Application model:


> FG17*L 1986-1992 FG172L FG175L FG177L H07C 6.7L
> FG19*L 1986-1992 FG192L FG197L H06CTE 6.5L
> FG1J 1996-2003 RANGER J08C-TF 8.0L
> FG1J 2003-2008 RANGER PRO J08C-UK 8.0L
> FG8J 2008-2011 J08E-TB 7.7L
> FG8J 2011- J08E-VD 7.7L
> FM3M 1990-1994 SHRIKE M10C 9.9L
> FS270 1983-1992 SUPER DOLPHIN EK100- 13.3L 
FT175 1985-1980
> GH1H 1992-1996 SUPER EAGLE H06CTI 6.5L
> GH1J 1996-2003 RANGER 10 J08C-TG 8.0L
> GH1J 2003-2008 RANGER PRO J08C-UK 8.0L
> GH3H 1992-1996 EAGLE H07D 7.4L
> GH8J 2008-2011 500-SERIES 1727- J08E-TB 7.7L
> GH8J 2011- J08E-VD 7.7L
> GS22 1983-1988 GS221 GS224K EM100- 9.4L 
RC320 DK20 1970-1981
> RG197 1986-1996 BUS H06CTE 6.5L
RG 230 1995-

Name / Ref no. WB 249
Length (mm) 212
Width (mm) 127
Thickness (mm) 15
Drum Dia. (mm) 320
Pcs/set 8



World Brake’s is committed to delivering value to it’s customers in Australia. World Brake produce brake linings which give direct access to the manufacturer, hence it comes fully assembled and are ready to fit in on your brake shoes, straight out of the packaging.

World Brake only produce  Asbestos FREE  brake lining.  Utilising a range of carefully developed organic and inorganic fibres to produce friction materials, which DO NOT Squeal as brakes are applied.   World Brake can customise any size lining as per customers request and will be provided with a special diagram based on our in-house design before it is delivered to you. Our products are compatible with major brands and also with OEM brands.


World Brake has a wide range of affordable Japanese and European Brake linings, Dics Pads and other friction materials, such as heavy duty, bus and light truck lining, heavy machinery and heavy duty disc pads for the transport, rail, mining Industry. World Brake can give the best solutions with the best value on any of the friction materials.

All Brake lining and disc pads at World Brake use original raw materials that comply with Australian standards . They provide better grip on your ABS for your breaking system, and less impact on your brake drum.

Why spend more money and time on a brand new brake-drum when you can save money and time by fixing the lining at the workshop?

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 13 cm

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